Friday, 25 October 2013

7 inch singles collection: Frazier Chorus - Nothing

Some indie dance pop:


A-side: Nothing
B-Side: Little Piece Of Hell
(Virgin 1990)

Frazier Chorus originally started out on the 4AD label,(in fact there'll be something from then from that period another time), and at the time were seen as similar to other bands on that label such as Cocteau Twins as being dreamy and ethereal, with maybe a few more pop sensibilities. 

Nothing still has a languid dream like quality to it, but the poppy dance elements are clearly much more to the fore here. Of course this was at a time when the "baggy" movement was all over the places and every two-bit guitar bands were adding in funky rhythms and claiming that they always had a dance element to their sound. As it happens I think the Frazier Chorus always did have that style, but it became more prominent over time. Nothing starts with a groove and a pounding house-style piano lays down the backbone of the song - so far so ordinary, and nothing noteworthy. The distinctive feature here being the the vocals - these are delivered in an almost bored and languid fashion. Whilst saying something sounds bored may not be the greatest compliment ever given, I think it also what saves this track from fizzling away under it's own blandness. It's tempting fate to name a song Nothing, and it's only just about gets away with not living up (down?) to it.

To me Little Piece Of Hell is the more attractive of the songs on this record - it tones down the dance element, and ups the poppiness of the song - almost literally as a popping noise is a recurring motif throughout this track. The bassline still brings home enough groove for you to shuffle around to without it shouting "This is a dance track" - which is much more my cup of tea. The vocals sound more engaged too - altogether a much more spirited performance.

Next time the granddaddy of all charity singles...

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