Monday, 7 October 2013

7 inch singles collection: Eva - A Boy, A Girl And New York

Something quite obscure now:


A-side: A Boy, A Girl And New York
B-Side: Half Asleep, Half Awake
(In Tape  1988)

No You Tube link for this! So the above link is to a preview on iTunes - it's the best I can find. I did a quick Google on this and apart from that iTunes link there's not much about on the web for this. There's a few sites trying to flog copies of the 12" and on of them describes this as "cute indie pop". Well I won't argue with the pop bit, and it's indie in the sense that In Tape were an independent label, and cute is probably subjective - she's certainly looking cutesy on the cover of the record - but what with all the artistic blur I reserve judgement on that. However that description doesn't really cut the mustard when it comes to describing this single.

A Boy, A Girl And New York hits a funky groove from the start and offers up a rapturous dancey number filled with choppy guitars and swooning vocals. It's very catchy - even after having never thought about it for years the melody and the groove came straight back to me when I pulled the record out of the box, before even sticking it onto the turntable.

Hoping for more of the same on the B-side, I quickly discovered that Half Asleep, Half Awake fits the "cute indie pop" label a lot more, the disco-y elements and the tempo have been dialed down to be replaced by jangly acoustic guitars. All very nice, but certainly not got the wow factor that the A-side has. I must admit being to being disappointed by this side of the record - and in general I'm a bit of a fan of jangly guitar stuff. 

I know noting else about Eva - there do seem to be several artists out there with the same name, but nothing that appears to be related to this one. The record I've got has a stamp on the back of it saying "Promo Copy Only - not for re-sale" - maybe she didn't get more than a promo release, which is a shame as A Boy, A Girl And New York certainly deserves a wider audience.

Next time something a bit folkish.

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