Friday, 20 September 2013

7 single collection: The River Detectives - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

This time a record I don't remember in anyway at all:


A-side: Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
B-Side: He Still Needs You
(WEA 1989)

Absolutely no memory of this at all. Normally I can at least remember a bit of a song or the sleeve, or where and why I bought a record. This one has drawn a complete blank. I probably can tell you why I bought it - price. A bought a lot of records because they were cheap, and they had a good picture on the sleeve, were on a label I hadn't heard of, were on the same label as a favourite band, etc, etc. I know that this one was definitely cheap - take a look in the top right hand corner of the scan of the sleeve. Can you see the someone's take a hole-punch to it. there were certain shops who would enact this kind of vandalism on the covers of records that they we're having to sell off cheap. They probably begrudged having to reduce to low prices, and so defaced the sleeve, just so that if the record did become collectible you couldn't make too much money because it's been defaced, (or maybe I'm reading too much into that). Suffice to say that I do not believe that this particular record is currently changing hands for thousands of pounds between collectors.

So what about the record then? Well, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning is a mid-tempo bouncy guitar-led pop tune. If it came on the radio, I'd probably bob my head or tap my foot along with it, as a pleasant little tune, then instantly forget about it. I think the problem is that it's just not distinctive enough - could be anyone of a numbers of bands from anytime of the past 30 years.

The other side of the record is a bit more interesting actually. He Still Needs You ups the pace a little bit and as a result sounds brighter and breezier. The fact the this track is more noticeably acoustic adds to it's charm. It still hasn't stuck in my head though, and I only listened to it moments ago. So it'll probably be years before it gets played again, when once more I'll find an agreeable, if slightly underwhelming piece of pop.

Maybe I'm damning with faint praise, but it is very hard to get too excited about this record. Still I like the name of the band, maybe that's what drew me to the record in the first place.

Next time one single too many from a multi-million selling album!

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