Tuesday, 17 September 2013

7 inch single collection: Fields of the Nephilim - Moonchild

This time a bit of proper Goth:


B-Side: Shiva
(Situation Two 1988)

It was the late 80's there were many Goth bands about, the ones that seemed to be the main ones responsible for the movement were Sisters of Mercy and The Mission. Now not that either of these bands were bad, (in fact if this blog continues I'll have some words to say on some of their singles), but for my money the most Gothic Goth band were Fields of the Nephilim. The Mission were a bit blokey, and the Sisters tended towards the Grand Guignol a bit too much. However Fields of the Nephilim seemed to fit the Goth bill with their dark sounds and songs full of atmosphere, filled with apparently pagan and occult type mysticism. My friend Mike (click here read his excellent blog about Physics) and I went to see them live in Cheltenham around this time ('88/'89ish) - they were damn good live too, if a little heavy on the dry ice.

Moonchild is an absolute corker of a song it builds slowly then crashes into life full of sinister sounding malevolence. Carl McCoy's voice growls over the top of the music, which clatters and chimes in equal measures. I've got a small MP3 player - it doesn't have much memory, so I occasionally purge it and reload it with other stuff. This track stays on there pretty consistently.

Shiva - could never compete with the A-side of this record, but it is a great song nonetheless. It starts off low and rumbling full of atmosphere, if not any hooks, but gradually it finds it's own groove that it mines for the duration of the song. Good stuff!

Next Time a record that I have no recollection of whatsoever!

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